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Pete, Skip, and Ramsey are the trio that make up Progressive Paleo.  Each bringing their own unique talents to the table to form a company that hopes to help you reach your health and wellness goals.


Ramsey Lowe: Personal Trainer

Ramsey Lowe


As a 15 year resident of Colorado Springs, Ramsey has been in the hospiltalty business downtown for all of those years. Spending the last 13 at MacKenzie’s Chophouse, Ramsey has seen the food and beverage industry’s ebbs and flows. The last few years have brought on many new trends towards gluten free health as well as protein rich diets.

"I started crossFit with PFCF 5 years ago and as I progressed as an athlete, I looked for ways to improve.  Diet is the number one thing I needed to change. Food literally is fuel. I resisted for a long time thinking that the Paleo way of eating included only lean, unseasoned meats, raw veggies and nuts. Boring! I started to research online and realized how large of a movement this way of eating is. There are unlimited resources, recipes, and success stories on the Internet. So I decided to try Paleo. I cooked food that tasted good for the first time in my life! I was making all sorts of tasty primal dishes. But it took up so much time! I kept thinking if I had someone to cook for me, I would gladly pay for it! And then, the light bulb...why couldn’t we start cooking for everyone else? So we did."

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Skip Lowe: Personal Trainer

Skip Graham

Social Media/Marketing

Skip, originally from Toronto, Ontario, has been in Colorado Springs for eight years. He is a graduate of the University of Ottowa, a small business owner and avid golfer.  Skip handles the social media and marketing for Paleo. 

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Espiridion “Pete” Moreno


Pete is a Colorado Springs native who discovered a love of cooking through his late friend/mentor Jeff Law. He then went to work for two great local chefs, Joey Mestas and Francis Schott, building a solid foundation of classic cooking as well as trending styles. While working at Primitivo under John Broening, Pete really flourished and made a name for himself in the local restaurant scene. While at La Petit Maison, Pete gained the attention of local critics and began winning awards at local competitions. He has continued his successes at MacKenzie’s Chophouse over the last 8 years. There he has the freedom of their weekly “Fresh Sheet” to try new things (such as Paleo) and push the culinary envelope in his progressive style.

"I was introduced to CrossFit about 6 years ago through Chris Hoppe of Progressive Fitness CrossFit in order to lose weight and stay healthy for the intense, stressful, long days of the restaurant business. After doing a couple of cross fit competitions, I realized the importance of eating clean and having the right foods recovery. Now I try to eat zone/paleo when possible, although sometimes it’s hard in the restaurant business! With the help of co-worker and fellow CrossFitter Ramsey Lowe, we decided to start a paleo delivery service not only to help people eat clean and reach their goals but to help ourselves live healthier as well."

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