We strive to give you the freshest products available, and to do that, we need the time to gather the freshest ingredients.


The only delivery day every week will be Monday.

If you choose the delivery option, no matter what day you order, your food will be delivered on the following Monday. We will also have a flat $5 delivery charge no matter where you are.

We typically deliver in the morning and ask that someone be there to accept the food. You will receive an email to set up a delivery time.


Pickups will be Monday through Friday. Order your food and pick it up the next day!

Order by 3pm for pickup the next day. If you order after 3pm, add one day. For example, if you order at 6pm on Monday, your order will be ready for pickup Wednesday.

Order Monday – Pickup Tuesday after 12pm
Order Tuesday – Pickup Wednesday after 12pm
Order Wednesday – Pickup Thursday after 12pm
Order Thursday – Pickup Friday after 12pm
Order Friday – Pickup Monday after 12pm
Order Saturday – Pickup Monday after 12pm
Order Sunday – Pickup Tuesday after 12pm

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